Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The intenSati Method, You get what you think about, no excpetions

This weekend is the warrior body retreat in NYC from. I am a firm believer that living in a body you love, a healthy, fit and energized body is so much more than simply calories in and calories out. Of course behavior makes a difference but it is also what you expect from your behavior that also counts. Join me this Sunday for a full day of exploring this and practicing ways to activate powerful positive emotions that will lead to the actions that ultimately will have you living in a body you love and respect. You can go toWarrior body retreat page to sign up now. It will be a powerful day!

I know it may be hard to believe that if you simply change your expectation you will change your outcome. Sounds too easy? Well, it is not always that easy to change your expectations if you are someone who spends more time worrying about what could go wrong in a situation instead of what you intend or really want the outcome to be.

Out thoughts are going on endlessly in our mind and since they are always there is it difficult to know what we are really thinking. Sati means mindfulness and it is the practice of becoming more self aware so that you can relate to your thoughts as separate from who you are. You are the thinker you are not the thoughts. The thoughts you have every day or your perspective on a subject is not carved in stone but can be changed. When you change your perspective or your expectation you change your emotional state which leads to you having access to different thoughts and behaviors and therefore different outcomes. Simply changing your actions without changing your expectation will not lead you to success.

Take time to pay attention today to how you are feeling. Check in with yourself and ask "How do I feel right now?" "What am I thinking about that is activating this emotion?" "Will this thought, if I continue it, lead to the outcome I want or not?"
If not, then find something else to give your attention to even if it is a completely different subject. The goal is to activate the powerful, loving, positive emotion so that you will have access to the most powerful and creative actions possible. How you feel is an indicator of what you are thinking. Negative emotions is activated by negative thoughts and is an obstacle to your success.

You can't deactivate a negative thought because thinking about the thought activates it. Simply activate a new thought, a more loving, empowering and positive thought on any subject you can find and shift your state of being. 

Challenge yourself to reach for a better feeling thought on any subject and hold that thought until you feel an internal shift in your mood. Then focus on the action to take that will improve your state. 

If you have trouble improving your thoughts about your body, or you are having a hard time achieving the outcome that you want in regards to your self image join me and Laurie Gerber from the Handel Group on Sunday. When you have a new insight, you will have a new outcome. I am sure you will have at least one new insight and it will be enough to have you shift your perspective of who you are and what is possible. 
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