Thursday, March 31, 2011

Are you ready to raise your bar of excellence this month? Join me

When you are radiating excellence you will attract excellence. Are you ready to raise your bar?

I would like to inspire you to raise your bar this month and ask yourself "Am I living in my zone of excellence"?

One of the important topics I will be discussing this month on my 4 week tele-coaching seminars is the power of radiating excellence and how it powerfully impacts your peace of mind, your stamina, stick-to-itivenss and success in living intentionally improving your health and happiness.

As we age our body loses muscle mass unless we are committed to weight bearing exercise and this leads to a slowing down of metabolism. If you don't upgrade your nutrition and exercise program you will most likely gain weight as you age. There is no reason why you cannot look, feel and live better with age.

What you eat, drink and think deeply impacts your entire life. Is it time for you to spend a little time reassessing how you are taking care of your self?

It is so easy to skip a few workouts, grab fast food more often,  enjoy a few more cocktails and indulge in a few more french fries here and there. Eventually find yourself feeling more tired, stressed, not wanting to go out or feeling a few aches and pains or your cute clothes don't fit anymore.

You can't buy better health. You can't pay someone to workout for you. It is something you have to do for yourself and the most important part of long term health and fitness is consistency.  After I gave birth and was ready to get my body back in shape I couldn't believe how little I could physically do. I had been working out for years consistently and I couldn't do a fraction of what I could do a few months earlier.  Even though I couldn't do what I could do before, I realized what I did have as a result of my consistency for so many years was my ability to get myself back into a routine and stick to it and my respect for my health and happiness.

I hope you will take the opportunity this month to pay attention to how you are treating yourself. If you would like support, join me for my weekly tele-coaching seminars every Wednesday night in April on Ustream or by phone. Register at

When you are radiating excellence you will be attracting excellence in every area of your life. It's your time!
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thinner Peace. Some questions to ask yourself to learn more about you.

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I have started this month by reminding people that it is so important not to be an "expert" but a beginner. As soon as you think you have tried it all, know it all, heard it before or that there is nothing new in this conversation, you will slam the door shut to your personal advancement in that conversation.
One of the things I make a commitment to is to keep myself in the mindset of a beginner. I have so often found myself thinking "yes I know that!?  But the question is not do you know it but do you live it?

I encourage you not to be an expert but a beginner open to having a new insight, a new idea, a new possibility.  Make your mind and heart flexible and available for more wisdom and love than you have ever had before.

One of the reasons I do my best to send short notes often to my community is because I think one of the most important things to support anyone who wants to live a healthy and happy lifestyle is to keep renewing one's faith and to reaffirm the intention.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you remember what it is that is important to you and for you.

1. Why is it important for you to eat healthfully and exercise?
2. Why do you choose the foods you choose daily?
3. Are you making choices that will support your intention
4. How strong is your commitment to your health and happiness? How often do you sell out on your dream with an excuse?
5.What would it take for you to feel really proud of  yourself?
6.When you make food choices do you think "I will exercise this off or I exercised today I deserve it"?

One of the reasons I developed a practice like intenSati and I create the workshops and retreats I do is to help retrain your way of thinking and to develop the muscle of mindfulness.

It is so easy to fall back into old patterns because they are habits that pull us back and handcuff us to old results. If the result is exactly what you want and love then fabulous. If the result isn't what you love then it takes some consistent action and awareness until the new habit is formed and it is just who you now are.

Think of the habits, positive or not, that are so difficult to break.  Remember, our goal is to create positive habits so that living a healthy and happy life is simply easy, effortless and leads to that place of Thinner Peace.  Thinner peace is that place where you no longer struggle, diet, try, measure, count calories, weigh or guilt ourselves into losing weight, it is simply who we are, how we live and how we think.

So ask yourself those questions and remember it is not just what you are eating or doing but more importantly it is how you are thinking and what you are believing that will support your total transformation to a life of Thinner Peace.

The first ingredient to living a life of  Thinner Peace is inner peace. When you have mastered intentionally creating powerful habits of thoughts, words and action you will have become a powerful co-creator of intentionally living a happier, healthier and wealthier life of Thinner Peace.

I have some great retreats and tele-seminars coming up. IF you sign up for the March 20th Be Yourself Retreat You get 30% off. It will be a powerful day of workouts and workshops to help you build the muscle of intentionally living the life that reflects your best self. Join me! It will be FUN and inspiring.

Patricia Moreno
Author of The intenSati Method 7 secret principles to thinner peace

The well-being that I seek is already inside me. I welcome her (him) now into my reality. With gratitude and joy, thinner peace is my reward. I am born to thrive when I keep love alive.

Be a beginner and get re-inspired. Read Crazy Sexy Diet.
I am at peace with myself