Sunday, December 13, 2009

Change your mind, change your body, Change your life

There are two ways to look at things as a warrior or a worrier. Do you live with your attention on what you don't want or you are trying to avoid, or what you do want or are willing to welcome into your life.  Are you a worrier or a warrior?

Worrier or whiner
Complains about her weight more often than not
Talks about how he knows he is never going to lose weight
Thinks about going on a diet often but rarely follows through
Starts a diet but then gets off it and gains more weight than before
Prefers not to look in the mirror
When looking in the mirror looks at what he doesn't like
Talks about how hard it is to change
Worries about getting fat
Believes thin will bring happiness and thinner peace

Accepts where she is and takes responsibility to make a change
instead of talking about what he hates about himself focuses on the changes he wants to make
Looks for ways to stay inspired and motivated
Does not look for trendy new diets but ways to make healthy living a lifestyle
Values feeling good
Loves and values her body as her gift and is not only focused on thin at any cost
Knows that happiness is the way to thinner peace

Most often what I see is that those that are successful in creating a healthy lifestyle have more characteristics of the warrior then the worrier.  If you keep your attention on what you are trying to avoid instead of inspiring yourself by focusing on who you want to become, it will be very difficult to find thinner peace.

How will you know if you are being a warrior or a whiner? Notice how you feel.  If you make feeling good a daily intention and you notice when you are not feeling good you can be sure that it is what you are giving your attention to that is making the difference.  If you are complaining, criticizing or judging yourself, your situation or your body you will not feel good.  Be willing to let it go and choose something to appreciate or simply ask yourself, "is this thought supporting or interfering with my goal?"  If the answer is that it is interfering, do what you can to change it.  Give your attention to something else until you feel better, inspired, motivated or simply relief.

Change your mind, change your body, change your life!
Enjoy it,

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